bila larut malam

durians by the roadside

Woke up bright and early today to go get light fixtures and lightbulbs before lunch with Dali&Ravi and Lil. I think we bought like 4 types of light fixtures and still managed to forget the lights to the hallway and pantry. We are also still curtainless – I can’t find anything that stands out and cries, “I want to be your curtains!” Heh.

We’ve started watching Disc 1 of Shoah. After only half an hour I asked Stinky for a break. You never see any dead bodies ….. but the words and expressions of the interviewees are enough. One guy who continuously smiled and said he didn’t want to revisit that point in his life broke down after some seemingly innocuous questions brought out the fact that he emptied gas vans of dead people – and found his wife and child in one of them.


I love feeding foodies and Dali and Lil certainly qualify. Last night’s dinner at Jimmy’s was followed by some roadside durian bingeing. The car still stinks from our farts and burps. Today pula we went for Aunty’s awesome nasi padang followed by ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Nothing beats your loved ones happily eating food you’ve cooked from your restaurant of choice 😀 .


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