la ngomber

Stinky knows my interest in books and movies that discuss the Holocaust so he was extra pleased when he found this long sought-after dvd. Just reading Ebert’s magnificent review of Shoah made me cry. I think it’ll be a very painful 9 hours.


Mom’s back from Penang. Cooked her dinner last night. Nothing fancy, just pasta with a simple sauce made with organic tomatoes & basil and a side of grilled fillet of shark (very cheap from Cold Storage). It took her mind off what she says is my terrible housekeeping. I knew she wouldn’t be happy with the state of things even if I scrubbed the place within an inch of its life, so this time I didn’t even bother beyond some light vacuuming and mopping. Haha. As expected I got the ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’ lecture 😀 .

KLCC’s GAP is open! My credit card took some hits last week but I managed to stop myself by thinking about the apartment. I didn’t like the shade of green on a couple walls and since I’m not about to live with it, out goes more moolah to have it repainted. Note to self: skip work when your apartment gets a paintjob done on it.



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3 responses to “la ngomber

  1. abby

    *gasp* there was a screening of Shoah that i missed and have been wanting to see for longest time!! PLEASE PINJAM? or arrange screening and we can all weep into tissues togeder geder?

  2. admit it, you jew lover, you.

  3. thegrouch

    abby: that sounds great! the screening, i mean. 9 whole hours of WOW.
    dali: hehehhe…i was totally bummed when i found out that gentiles meant ME. i was 12.

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