This post contains Deathly Hallows spoilers. Don’t whine I didn’t warn you.

This is awesome news. Hooray! Now we’ll now about the missing 19 years.

At first I thought I’d write about how much I loved the book, but this conversation I had with Idlan on Monday encapsulates pretty much what we feel about Book 7. Sorry in advance for the excessive exclamation marks 😀

Idlan Zakaria: i love severus snape
rock.hound: me too me toooooo
rock.hound: i wanted to put tht as my new msn nick but nanti spoil other ppl’s surprise pula. oh iddy he so romantic
Idlan Zakaria: kan? i’ve been SOOOO careful not to say anything about snape
rock.hound: i think i sobbed the hardest tht part, esp yg dia buat the doe patronus tu
Idlan Zakaria: but aiyo. itu sangat chenta abadi!
rock.hound: OMG i cried like a baby
Idlan Zakaria: omg the doe patronus..
rock.hound: KANNNN????
Idlan Zakaria: will there ever be a love as pure as snape’s
rock.hound: sigh. i’m so glad dia tak jahat. i’ve had a soft spot for him ever since i found out dia kena bully by james & co.
Idlan Zakaria: i was broken hearted when he killed dumbledore…but i knew there had to be a reason
rock.hound: but next week. i dont care. im gonna blog abt my feelings for snape…the slowest reader should be done by then
Idlan Zakaria: yes. by next week spoilers galore i donch care
rock.hound: oh, it was a wonderful book. the epilogue was sooo… beautiful
rock.hound: esp. masa harry called his kid albus severus
Idlan Zakaria: all was well..
Idlan Zakaria: albus severus
rock.hound: snape is the new romeo yo
rock.hound: SOBS
Idlan Zakaria: kalau sayang orang, tak perlu tunjuk
rock.hound: oh snape
Idlan Zakaria: snape
rock.hound: hahaha
rock.hound: are we sad old ppl? i nak sgt tell the world: SNAPE IS A GOOD MAN! but cannot yet.
Idlan Zakaria: no. we are romantic. i always knew he was a good man
rock.hound: hahaha
Idlan Zakaria: kan, in my heart of hearts kan..
Idlan Zakaria: i always knew he was pure
rock.hound: i doubted him in the last book…
rock.hound: and whn he shot george’s ear off…OH! sedih
rock.hound: BUT FRED DIED
rock.hound: SOBS
Idlan Zakaria: he didn’t mean to
rock.hound: SOBS
rock.hound: SOBS
Idlan Zakaria: and dobby died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rock.hound: YA
rock.hound: DOBBY! FRED!!!
rock.hound: TONKS!!
rock.hound: LUPIN!!
rock.hound: sobs
rock.hound: i cried n cried the whole book starting w/ hedwig dying. HEDWIG!!
Idlan Zakaria: dobby tu snape hantar kan?
Idlan Zakaria: isk
rock.hound: bukan
rock.hound: aberforth
rock.hound: snape hantar the doe to find godric’s sword in the sungai
Idlan Zakaria: oh yes
Idlan Zakaria: *sigh*
rock.hound: indeed
Idlan Zakaria: snapeee
rock.hound: u were right saying it was emotionally draining
Idlan Zakaria: i took sunday off to recover from saturday
rock.hound: i started saturday evening. sunday i bunked in at home.
Idlan Zakaria: i think we started same time, i started 11.45am
rock.hound: langsung tak keluar
Idlan Zakaria: abis about 12am; tolak la 2-3 jam for makan, toilet, naps etc
rock.hound: ya. same here.
rock.hound: i kept having to take breaks…. too much emo in one go



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2 responses to “severus

  1. On tuesday, I had similar conversations not just with Idlan but two other friends concurrently. Not as ‘gripping’ as yours tho. Hehe. Oh, I love Neville! 😀

  2. norzu! a fellow fan!
    hehehe… you know i was desperate for friends to talk to … most of mine weren’t done reading by then.
    neville has certainly blossomed hasn’t he? oh snape …. 😀

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