fire brigade

I had set the alarm for 9am. I’d been extremely tired lately and wanted to get some sleep. I told myself I didn’t need to be at the store by 7.01am to get the new Potter book. Been there, done that kinda thing and I didn’t like the crowds. But oh, who would have thought that I wouldn’t be able to sleep well all night waiting for the bloody alarm to ring so I could wake up and mosey on down to the bookstore? I thought of driving quickly to KLCC and coming back for a few minutes of reading before having to go meet the contractor at the new apartment. Sorely tempted but I thought of the gas I’d be burning. It was Al Gore against Harry Potter!

Anyway, so here I am trying to gently hurry Mr. 30 Years + 1 Day Old without appearing like a crazed fan. He needs to poop firstlah, he needs to look for some lyrics he wrote downlah…. argh! ARGH! ARGHHHH!!!!!!


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