he eats sugarlumps

Happy Birthday Stinky! You are 30!!

No Marx Brothers boxset, no cupcakes, no party, no fancy dinner. What there will be is dinner at Jimmy’s, an IOU for a present, lots of hugs and a prayer for many, many more birthdays celebrated together. Love you, Stinks. You make my heart sing. How about a puppy for your 30th birthday?



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2 responses to “he eats sugarlumps

  1. linn

    Birthdays without cupcakes is like kerang bakar except there’s no kerang inside the shell *sobs*

    Happy birthday Stinky! Hugs, wishes, prayers, Grouchy along the way 🙂

    Sorry, haven’t comment for a while. I also kena the cirit disease 😦

  2. Hahhaha… I hope Stinky doesn’t see your comment and wants cupcakes next year!

    Get well soon, Linn. No dairy ok!

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