lonesome cowboy bill

It seems like all Stinky and I do these days is sign cheques, withdraw cash and make money transfers for the new apartment. Every single decision is loaded. Antibacterial paint? That’ll be a couple hundred extra. Additional power points? That’s RMxx each, ma’am. You want energy saving lights? Sure! Please pay this amount more.

Despite the cash haemorrhage, I must admit it’s exciting for both of us. To finally be able to put into reality our idea of how our place should look like. We’ve made some sacrifices of course. No plaster ceilings and built-in spotlights. No fancy shower stall. No custom-built bookshelves. No retiling the floor with funky granite. Surprisingly I’m not that bummed. I just console myself that the money I’d have spent on those things is quietly sitting elsewhere gaining interest. Hopefully. Haha. But who am I kidding? If I could have gotten my hands on that money easily, my feet would be getting stubbed on uneven granite tiles for sure.

I have somehow managed to get food poisoning again. The second time in a week. Last night was torture. This episode gave me bad gas and cirits…. imagine trying to fart without going in your pants. Not pretty I tell you. There were some very close calls. I stepped on the kids a couple times when running to the loo. Haha.


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