heart of glass

potatoes in disguise

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I’m in the middle of downloading some huge data files from the field to be processed. Watching the transfer progress thing can be strangely hypnotic. I was shocked to see that I’d been staring at the progress bars for at least 5 minutes…122MB…130MB…139MB…. Better to post something and be marginally productive.

Transformers was awesome. AWESOME. Although there were a few EH? moments, I resolutely sent those EHs? to the back of my mind. Yes, yes Megatron isn’t a gun and Optimus Prime now has redneck yellow flames but when has Hollywood ever been truly faithful? Samwise Gamgee would have remained steadfast and loyal instead of being clingy and altogether very touchy feely otherwise. Breakfast at Tiffany’s would have a sad ending (I’m glad they changed it!) and Flicka would have a human boy owner, not a girl who has the most terrible lines ever. So yeah, Transformers? Very entertaining. Brings back a lot of nice memories too. That was one of the few cartoons I would cut my afternoon play for. I remember jumping out of a tree for it coz climbing decorously down would have meant missing the opening credits. Haha. So sad.


But the big news of the day is I got 2 tickets for Harry Potter from our movie club. Hooray! Thursday will see me and Stinky watching Harry go through teenage angst. The fifth book is my least favourite of the lot but I’m still excited anyway. Hooray!

Gosh, if this doesn’t make you all crazy and want an SLR, I dunno what will.


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2 responses to “heart of glass

  1. nuaqe

    You’ve been listening to Blondie,eh!

  2. the cover version by swan dive! heartbreakingly sweet. nanti i email 😀

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