The projectile vomiting has stopped but I’m pooped. I swear yesterday I could hear my bones creak, they ached that bad. A whole lot better today, no cramps or nausea, just feeling a bit tired. The show must go on though and that is why I’m here pushing buttons and submitting claim forms for expenses made 4 months ago. Haha.

I talked to the doctor yesterday about my freaky bump and she said it was a ganglion. I almost fainted when she touched it and it moved all over the place. Geli beyond belief ok. I think I’ll get a second opinion though, she seemed very disinterested when I talked about it or when I asked her to touch it. I am very peculiar about my doctors listening attentively when I describe my symptoms. I don’t whine or blabber on. I am very precise *snorts*. Really.

TechBoss#1 finally saw Gilhooley this morning. He waited till I caught up with him then said, “Man, you got a black car! You should never get a black car in this heat! In Phoenix we fry eggs on black cars!”

Thanks, boss, but I think I’ll fry my eggs in my lovely 10″ non-stick frying pan with the beautiful blue-speckled bottom. Muah!



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7 responses to “crayolas

  1. nuaqe

    Your boss might be exaggerating,E. I know it’s darn hot in AZ. during summer but not to that extent. I miss Tucson!

  2. hahahhaha… darn. it would have been cool to go to phoenix one day and actually try it! haha.
    tucson eh? he just bought a house there.

  3. nuaqe

    Yup!Home of the Wildcats(U of A mascot). I missed Bookman’s (used books and albums store) and Al Bums (used vinyls) and cruisin’ down Speedway Blvd. in our Ford Galaxie on Friday nite and riding my Ninja 250 on any Sunday along scenic Tucson Mountains road with Saguaro cactus lining up…

  4. wow, that sounds really nice, nuaqe 🙂

  5. ganglion. hmmm..

    mine was lipoma. glad to remove it around last Christmas eventhough i’m RM1,000 poorer. The money was for a new guitar 😦

    But it is good you seek medical advice. I was misdiagnosed during the first session at Masjid Tanah Community Polyclinic. That kid doctor told me it was a cyst.

    The 2nd diagnose was done at Medical Specialist Centre near Pudu by veteran surgeon, Dr Yong.

    Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is going to be alright..

  6. Hey there! I had ganglion three times already and the thing about them is that even after removal they can come back. Freaky!!! But it’s better than carpal tunnel man…

    If you need to get a second opinion find Dr. Ranjit Singh Gill of Pantai Medical Centre. He’s a hand and microsurgeon. He operated on my mom in 96 back when he was still at GHKL. He’s one of the best hand surgeons and highly recommended by GPs around KL (at least the ones that I go to…).

  7. azwad: good for you. plenty of guitars going for less than RM500 lah. the guitar i bought stinky for his bday 4 years ago is one.
    bellefleur: yes, i’d take ganglions over CTS anyday.

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