i killed a man in reno

i am not a plastic bag

I’d been reading about Anya Hindmarch’s bag for quite a bit so when I found out it was coming to KL I thought, “Hey, it’s RM55 a bag, why the hell not?” Today was opening day and since I had a 10.30am meeting at the towers I thought I was being very clever to go a few minutes earlier and pop in the shop and get myself a bag. Hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahha….. hahahhahahahah… hahahhahhaa……. People had been queuing since before 7am and the line stretched the whole of KLCC and back again. Kalah Harry Potter ok? There was no way I was getting myself and Lil a bag, except if I wait a couple weeks and get them from Petaling Street. Haha.

Last night’s pig out at Jimmy’s was fantabulous as usual. No pictures yet again coz when the food arrived Stinky and I started gobbling things down as fast as we could. Taking pictures would have meant delays and that would not do. Maybe next time 😀



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4 responses to “i killed a man in reno

  1. I tried making a reservation but the snotty salesgirl said i have to line up like the rest because reservation is already closed. Poo.
    Have resorted to eBay.
    I just cant decide which color is best….

  2. hahahaha…. same thing happened to me last month.

    i’m seesawing between:
    a. ugh, don’t want it anymore coz everyone and their mother has one, and
    b. i waaaaaaaaannnnnttttttt!

    hahaha… sad.

  3. *grouphug*

  4. Hmmmn, I never thought a bag would be so popular.

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