i’m the boss with the hot sauce

spinach is good for youOriginally uploaded by grouchiosa

Stinky and his band have several important gigs coming up so they decided to have a jam session tonight. I was kinda disappointed to learn it wouldn’t be at their usual place in Hartamas. I was yearning for a massage and a plate of nasi goreng kambing. Tonight’s jam will be held in Ampang instead. Bummer bummer bummer I thought. Then I remembered what was close by and screamed at Stinky, “Dinner at Jimmy’s!!”

Jimmy & Nong has gotta be my favourite thai seafood place in the world. I was shocked to discover that I didn’t have any pictures of their food uploaded into my flickr account. Maybe I just didn’t tag them properly and that’s why it’s not coming up in my searches, but whatever it is, I plan to rectify that slight very soon. Where do I start on the culinary delights to be found there? The nasi goreng with its generous portions of egg and fat prawns and tasting subtly of fish sauce? The curry-fried prawns with a heaping of crunchy onions? The make-your-nose-run-and-tongue-die tom yam? The steamed fishes? The gawdawfully expensive crabs that were alive until you said, “One chilli & garlic crab, please”? The kaki ayam? The char kuey with homemade pandan jam? The crunchy, gooey crab cakes with the 2 dipping sauces? The stir-fried greens? Argh, I’m making myself hungry just typing things down. Gotta stop while I go make myself a snack.

OK, back. After reading so many books and websites on food, nutrition, fairtrade and the Slow Food movement, I am determined to outfit the new apartment kitchen with a decent 4-burner stovetop and oven. I ache to try recipes like grilled eggplant and oven-roasted tomatoes. Meatloaf and lasagne. Herb-roasted chicken and roasted vegetables medley. Pumpkin soup baked in its own shell. Grilled steak. I do cook at my current place but with only one burner, you have to get really creative and strategise like a general to serve several courses simultaneously hot. I want to prove to Stinky aka Mr. I-don’t-eat-soups-or-stews that vegetables can be eaten without thousand island dressing.

OK enough food talk. I’m off to buy a sushi lunch at Isetan.


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