you got me livin’ on Lonely Street

potatoes in disguiseOriginally uploaded by grouchiosa

New month, new template. Header pic was taken during a cross-desert drive in Utah. I’d been waiting for ages for some kind of rock outcrop or vegetation that would provide a decent cover for me to pee behind. We were in a race against time: time before the sun went down and we’d lose any hope of finding the road back to the highway, time before the rain-bearing clouds caught up with us (if it rained, our SUV would have gotten stuck in a flash flood and/or mud, and time before my bladder burst and I peed all over myself in the car with 7 colleagues as witnesses.

I had to attend a geology gathering last night. It was one of those monthly meetings where everyone from different companies congregate to munch on finger food and drink the bar dry. Yesterday was no different except this time there was champagne on top of the usual red/white wine and beer selection. Hooray! Hooray! I have very rarely tasted champagne and even then in minute quantities, but after last night’s epic consumption, I must say I like champagne. A lot.

After the talk was over and the bar drank dry, I walked with another tipsy colleague and TechBoss#1 to KLCC. Stinky was still in the cinema watching Transformers so I decided to kill time by shopping for a work shirt. Found a lovely white painter’s smock thing in FCUK and immediately bought it. I could already see myself wearing it to work with jeans on days I didn’t have any client meetings, looking fresh and cool with so much air wafting through the voluminous shirt. Oh joy! I thought. Something other than tshirts!

The champagne must have made me buta however ‘coz when I tried the shirt on again this morning I discovered that it was hideously transparent. Me and anyone else with passable eyesight could see every fold of fat on my torso. So yeah, I can still wear the smock thing to work but it must have a camisole underneath. Bummer.

Haha. I just realised that the majority of this post is about a transparent white shirt. Next time I’ll talk about rocks and poop. I promise.


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2 responses to “you got me livin’ on Lonely Street

  1. nuaqe

    Hey!There’s nuthin’ wrong talkin’ about transparent white shirt or La Senza or VPL. I kinda like it. I was hoping you got some pics to go with it…Hahahahahaha. Did you see concert for Diana the other day?Don’t tell me you miss it. My highlite of the show was Roger Hodgson playing Supertramps’s medley and Bryan Ferry did Slave to Love and Lets Stick Together…totally 80’s. You can see the old skool crowd going gaga.

  2. i missed it! must change habit of only surfing through channels 11, 50-54, 70-72, 76 and 77 😦

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