i never meant to cause you trouble

wallis’ best side

Originally uploaded by grouchiosa

Friends, meet Wallis the dog. He is a 3 year old Lab that belongs to a colleague of mine. Wallis was adopted by them when his former owners moved house but left him behind – in a cage and without access to food and water. I believe there is a special place in hell for people like that but let’s leave that for another post. Anyway, I’ve heard about Wallis ever since his rescue last year but last Friday was the first time I’ve had the pleasure to get acquainted. Lil and I immediately fell to the ground and rolled and tickled him, making Wallis deliriously happy. He’s a happy, goofy dog Wallis is. It does the heart good to see such a lovely dog finally get the family he deserves.



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3 responses to “i never meant to cause you trouble

  1. The rock header pix is damn cool!

  2. nuaqe

    Yesterday’s was Norah Jones and today’s Coldplay. Wassup?

  3. king: thanks, your majesty! dah tukar though.
    nuaqe: it just so happened that those songs were playing on my itunes when i finished writing. haha 🙂

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