come away with me

Woke up early (and no hangover!) despite having knocked back 1 glass too many vodka oranges last night. Maybe the burger + cold milk + cookie post-drinking helped. I’ll definitely try that again. Homey foods always delights anyway. No carbs after 7pm rule? Haha. Not last night, Jose.

Had quite a bit of stuff planned for today: groceries, pedicure, checking the new apartment, scrubbing the loo…. The weather isn’t helping though. Dark clouds hover and the wind is stiffening. Methinks it’ll rain real soon and my snuggling instincts have kicked in. I’ve been stuck on the sofa watching the History Channel and Discovery’s Home & Living. It’s always a bit funny to be watching programmes like How to Live Longer, rooting for the featured person yet there you are with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk in your hand. Yesterday one of the health shows inspired me so much, I got up and danced for about 20 minutes. Then I flopped on the bed and took a 2 hour nap. Haha.

The clouds went away and for a minute or two, my balcony and laundry were bathed in beautiful sunshine. False alarm though. It’s darker than ever and my neighbours’ windchimes are working overtime. *Yawn* I think I’ll have a glass of Kool Aid and then take a nap. What a glorious weekend!

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