my baby loves the secret agent

penguinOriginally uploaded by hedwig_the_owl

If I bumped into a 2m tall penguin, I’d prolly shit my pants.

I first read about Barbara Kingsolver’s book in NYT’s Sunday Book Review a couple months ago and immediately added it to my ever-growing list of Books To Get in my Librarything account. I forgot about it till reading an extract from her book in yesterday’s Guardian. I checked Kino’s online catalogue and saw that they had it. Hooray! So during lunch, I trekked over to KLCC to get the book. Went straight to where it should have been (New Arrivals) but no luck. I was starting to feel extremely grumpy from not having any lunch yet but I didn’t want to just give up so I went to the information counter to ask for help.

“Go look in the Gardening section.”

I hurriedly went (by this time my tummy was making audible growling noises) but still found no book. In desperation I went to the food-related section and combed through the racks. At the very last rack on the bottom-most row there it was. Hooray! My being hungry for 45 minutes was not in vain. Heh. Tis a weekend full of parties, starting with a dinner at a colleagues’s tonight. Food, beer and more food. Hurrah!



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