right around the corner

Everytime I am tempted to splurge on say a handbag or a pair of shoes from those treacherously seductive shops on KLCC’s ground floor, a Voice in my head reminds me that the money would be better off sitting in a unit trust somewhere or used to buy more company shares. Most of the time I listen to that Voice then smugly congratulate myself on temptation conquered. I recently realised though that that Voice never makes an appearance when I am being seduced by gadgets. At the Canon shop trying out cameras? Silence. At Low Yat looking at phones? Not a peep. At Crumpler checking out laptop backpacks? A very muted whisper. Argh! O Voice! Speak to me!

Stinky and I have pretty busy lives nowadays what with work, the new apartment and gigs taking up most waking hours. Sometimes tempers flare because one of us plans something then finds out that the other has already committed to something else. With Stinky’s band going on overdrive next month, we decided to do something about it. Enter the Google Calender Calendar. At a glance we can see what the other has scheduled and work around it. Pretty nifty stuff, I must say, and fun too. Haha.

Once or twice a week, I walk to KLCC’s Isetan grocery store and buy myself a packet of sushi and another of pre-cut honeydew or mango. I feel so smug and good afterwards: a walk, a healthy lunch…. I’d do it more often if it weren’t for the fact that: 1) it’s expensive (RM13++) and that 2) I worry about my mercury intake. I have enough ailments without mercury poisoning. But oohh…. sitting at my desk reading while chomping down 6 sushi pieces is one of the day’s highlights. Today I spilled most of my kicap+ wasabi on my desk before I even started eating. I looked around and since no one was watching, I mopped up the brown and green goo with sushi. I figured the wasabi’ll kill any germs from my desk anyway. Hahahaa… gosh I can be gross.


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4 responses to “right around the corner

  1. linn

    Errmm..I’ll go with gadgets but if the shoes are pretty & all, I’ll take 1 pair :-S. Everytime I see good looking shoes, I’ll go ‘ok, one pair for this week. Lepas ni tak payah beli lagi’ & I’ll say the same thing everytime I see ’em. Then gigit jari looking at shoe boxes in my room. Eeekks!

  2. “To each his own!” 😀

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