i wanta holler

money money money

A bunch of us gathered round to peer at this table (all currency is in USD) which appeared in an issue of AAPG’s Explorer magazine. Calculators were whipped out and cries of, “Hey! I don’t even make the low scale!” echoed. Then somebody spotted that geologists with 6-9 years experience at the low end of the scale made even less than those with 3-5 years labour. A typo? Or is it real? The salary table made for some good laughs. It is now stuck on our light table* and a source of endless amusement.

This is one of my favourite food-related blogs. The writer has been away on vacation in France and I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Then she comes back and writes this awesome post on lost foods. Who hasn’t experienced the sadness of knowing a beloved food is no more? I remember coming back to Malaysia and finding out that a lot of my favourite foods from the States were unavailable here, especially in the late 1980s. Kool Aid, Kraft’s mac n cheese, tacos…. Last year when I spied an RM18.90 can *gasp* of Tropical Punch Kool Aid powder at Cold Storage, I started jumping up and down and squealing like a stuck pig. Of course I bought it and hurried home to make some. For days afterwards my mouth, teeth and tongue were stained a perpetual bright red. I even had Kool Aid breath. Hahaha.

*a light table is one of those tables with a glass top that has a light in it. We have to keep reminding people to not jump up and sit on it.



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2 responses to “i wanta holler

  1. nuaqe

    My all time favorite is still Nacho Cheese Doritos. Back here I’ve to think twice before buying…

  2. i know…. mahal gilakan? it’s the same with me and pepperidge farm’s soft-baked cookies 😦

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