i’m looking through you

we’re definitely getting this one, originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

Yesterday Stinky and I went by to the new apartment to finalise the defect report. While we were trying to lock the door (Defect #1: lock doesn’t work), our neighbours from across the hall flung open their door to introduce themselves. Those of you who know of our situation will sympathise with me when I say that, damn, but they’re friendly. After a few minutes of dodging personal questions and trying our hardest to not say anything while not appearing rude, Stinky and I closed the door and collapsed on the dusty floor. Our first thought was to cut our losses and run but after some deep breathing, we decided we’ll just tough it out. Sigh. What rotten luck.


I’ve been eyeing some really fluffy bunny slippers at La Senza for the longest time. So on Friday when I saw that it’d been marked down, I quickly found my size and bought it. They’re the most luxurious things ever and my feet feel warm and dry when I walk around the apartment. The cats however, have an unhealthy fascination with it, something I should have realised with buying a furry, fluffy item. I took off my new slippers to go shower and came back out to find Atti chewing on one and Georgie lying on another. The slippers have been banished to somewhere unreachable when they’re not on my feet. There goes my dream of hopping down from bed and immediately into them.

I have found that the cooking time for spinach noodles is NOT the time that it takes for me to shower or 8 minutes. I am left with a gooey, sodden mass of green for lunch at the office. Even slathering them with sour cream (my poison of the moment) didn’t help much. I’ll try 3 minutes next time.

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