cool it down

Our colleagues that were kidnapped a couple weeks ago have been released, thank God. In an email from our CEO, they are reportedly ‘unharmed and in reasonable health’.

If you’re ever back in the neighbourhood, J, we’d like to buy you your favourite sashimi lunch to celebrate.



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4 responses to “cool it down

  1. nuaqe

    Jan likes his sambal very much. He can goes on ramblin’ about different kinds of sambal for hours…I worked with ’em once onboard Geco Echo off Natuna….

  2. sambal!
    natuna eh? guess that’s where he learned his indonesian?

  3. nuaqe

    He had to learn bahasa to pick up them local girls. We used to joke around that he had “kids” all over this region due to his smooth-talking and all. Nice guy tho’…Give ’em my regards whenever you see ’em.

  4. hahhaa…yeah!
    i don’t think he’s coming back… he almost got transfered here a couple years ago but tak jadi. i haven’t seen him in 2 years actually.

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