kita saling memiliki

yummy fried heads and tentacles, originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

Busy busy day but I still want to share some articles that caught my interest:

  • Are fish smarter than we think? Apparently yes according to new research. I’ve never given fish much thought since I’m not particularly fond of fish outside of eating them. After reading the article though, I’ll think things through before making funny faces at mom’s fish at home. Nor will I lift our dog up so it can see the fish and bark at it. I’m sorry, fishies.
  • Can you or would you want to rely on trash for your needs? These freegans do. A radical bunch of people with good intentions though I doubt they’ll survive here in Malaysia. Heck, if our supermarkets do throw out slightly expired items, I bet its employees will be the first to benefit.
  • I was sad to read the first manta ray born in captivity died. This a couple days after the baby dolphin with the deaf mom died. So sad.
  • I guess this kinda makes up for all the shit an eldest child has to put up with. We do need to have higher IQs to defend ourselves when parents blame us for whatever crap it is our siblings have done. Since we can’t get away with murder, at least we can be smart enough to hide any evidence of wrongdoing. Hmmm…

 OK, back to work. Sunday is already on the sacrificial plate of the gods of work. I don’t want to lose my Saturday too. Blah.

Lesson of the day: Too many jam tarts in 10 minutes can cause sugar spikes. Sugar spikes= headaches. Thanks, AH!



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6 responses to “kita saling memiliki

  1. Greg Cooper


    Hi there!

    I thought that a blog about poop and rocks would be interested in this 🙂

    The IBS Self-Help and Support Group has joined the Revolution Health Fair, ( an online event launched in partnership with 10 national nonprofit organizations who each host a virtual “booth.” Until the end of June, for every visitor to a partner organization’s booth Revolution Health will make a donation to that partner for a total of up to $10,000.

    We hope you’ll let your readers know about this. They’ll get valuable information and help the groups who advocate for them to prosper.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at We’re looking forward to your participation.

    – Greg Cooper, on behalf on Revolution Health

    Revolution Health ( is the new health resource website founded by Steve Case, partly because of the difficulties he and his family faced during his brother’s battle with brain cancer. He wants to make it a bit easier for those who follow by providing tools to support both patient and family. I’m working with Revolution to support the work of bloggers who follow health issues. One way we’re doing that is by conducting these topical briefings, just for the blogger universe. Revolution wants to highlight its ability to aggregate and share critical information on health issues by providing new information and contact with health leaders in relevant disease communities.

    One great asset of the site is its population of experts, including those on nutrition, diet and weight loss, drawn from major academic institutions across the country, including Columbia, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, the University of California at San Francisco, the University of Southern California, Johns Hopkins, Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, and more

  2. hi greg,

    at first i thought this was just another spam comment but the website looks legit enough. thanks for the info and good luck to you.

  3. nuaqe

    La Senza…Never kept my eyes away every time I pass thru’. I notice they always open early on Feb 14th for some reason…

  4. hahhaha…they do? i never realised. you know when i was buying my slippers, i overheard a guy trying to buy his wife a bra and panties gift set. it was painful – he had no clue about size, style, anything. sweet of him to try though 😀

  5. nuaqe

    Don’t know,E. They’re so many uncertainties there. The man could be buying ’em for ’emself (X-dresser,pervs), GF/mistress or he’s really gettin’ ’em for the wifey so that he could for-sure get laid one….

  6. you know, nuaqe, you could be right! he did get a rather trashy set. haha… 😀

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