want you back for good


It’s a couple of days before this month’s revenue cutoff so I’m a bit tired. Tiredness didn’t stop me from going gaga over the puffin picture though. So cute kan? They’re my favourite animal of the moment. TechBoss#1 gave me a brochure he got from Kenai Fjords National Park and it was full of puffin pics too. One day I will go to Alaska and go camping.

Argh, I’m sleepy but if I have anymore tea/coffee I won’t fall asleep tonight. What a vicious circle insomnia is.



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4 responses to “want you back for good

  1. waiwai

    hey ed gal, check this out, MAS is having a sale:

  2. i know! sale till tomorrow! i’d have forgotten if you hadn’t reminded me (not that we’re going anywhere). thanks wai!

    p.s- i’m still waiting to see the pics from your trip 🙂

  3. waiwai

    haha ed, i have totally forgetten about loading the pics. Will do this weekend :”P

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