when i’m on my own i’m lost in space

Every June and December, us here in the office get very excited about one thing: our company’s stock. It’s when new enrollments are allowed and current participants get to buy more at the special discounted rate for employees. With prices hitting a high $85 per unit, it’s smiles all around and imagining imaginary profits. HA is my fellow money-lovin’ friend in here (Mike is AWOL or else he’ll be participating) and we’ve been having a grand ‘ol time punching numbers in our respective calculators. Nevermind we don’t have any shares worth speaking about. It’s all in the mind…. hahaha… 😀

Stinky has been an absolute sweetheart lately. Usually when I have my period, he can do no right and I have to restrain myself from stabbing him with my nail file or caning him with the shower brush. Last weekend when I was down in the dumps about colleagues transfering, Stinky cheered me up by taking me to look at pots and pans in Bangsar Village and feeding me maggi goreng. Yesterday when I was hopping mad over a tardy acquaintance (3 hours late then cancels without so much as a grovelling apology), he steered me towards Chilli’s, ordered fajitas and I got to eat all the sour cream! Keep it up beebs and maybe I’ll let you play Championship Manager this weekend for 1 hour.

Friends and colleagues know that I wear sneakers/crocs/flip flops to work most days. In fact it was only an hour ago that Boss#2 looked down at my feet then gave a disapproving tsk tsk when he saw the mary jane crocs. I explained that my feet were still sore from last week’s disgraceful attempt to wear heels and walk to 3 different meeting locations. You’d think that my intolerance for non-flat shoes would stop me from buying heels and strappy sandals. Au contraire. I optimistically buy shoes ranging from cute open-toed thingies to pointy-toed heels every so often. They feel alright in the store…. then crunch time comes when I actually have to walk 1km in them and I fail miserably. That’s usually the time when I make a detour to Bata or Reef to buy flip flops ‘coz I just can’t bear to walk back to the office in them. My cubicle is littered with a dozen selipar jepuns. Have I learned my lesson? Nooo… just last week I added 2 more pairs of heels to my already over-flowing collection. My optimism that one day I can walk in heels keep my feet in minced condition.

TechBoss#1 said it right when he yelled at me in KLCC: “That ain’t heels! (it was an inch high ok!!) Besides, you’re a geologist. Real geologists don’t wear heels! Boots, ok? Boots!”




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4 responses to “when i’m on my own i’m lost in space

  1. Now that it’s summer I’ve taken to wearing flip flops to work everyday. (I keep a spare pair of socks and shoes at work for emergencies). Last week I wore a pair of TatSeng’s, only to be rebuked by another Malaysian – eee.. selipar jamban! So I invested a tenner (yes, Rm70) into a pair of Nike flip flops, to accentuate the level of consumer-drivenness my life is at the moment. And also to look great in Spain in.

  2. i hear you, idlan. i bought a pair of kononnya trendy havaianas in singapore. imagine how crushed i felt when my mom said, “tiada selipar lagi bagus? kenapa jalan-jalan pakai selipar jepun RM2?” hahaha.. 😀

    have fun in barcelona! remember the paellas! happy birthday tomorrow!

  3. nuaqe

    I bet you haven’t try “terompah” aka clog before.Now,that’s super cool. We used to wear it back in school just to look cool(it was back then,I swear!)Just imagine that sound when block of wood meets the cement pavement that we made among us while walking to prep at nite…aghh! those were the days.Not sure if you could find it still

  4. cannnn…terompahs are in again. i can’t stand the noise though so i’ve never worn them. you guys must have made a racket! 🙂

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