kitty guy


Our colleague who moved to Paris left the above message on our communal white board. Translation, anyone? All the French speakers kebetulan not in the office today and all the free online translators don’t seem to work.

The new Boss#3 arrived today. The girls are a-twitter that he’s good looking. He has nice eyes, I give him that, but that’s not surprising when you’re Iranian. The airline he flew in with from Sudan managed to lose all his luggage. I can’t help but wonder if what he’s wearing is several days old or did he nip to KLCC for emergency supplies. He seems ok… a bit intense and abrupt but it’s early days yet. Now we’re wondering how he’ll take to us inviting him to Rum Jungle for Boss#3’s going away party.

Stinky and I finally located where the new apartment’s pool was. We went to several floors before finding it. All I can say is WOW. It seems to be Olympic sized and there are BBQ pits and tennis courts beside it. I can’t wait to move in. Hell, who wouldn’t? I wish we could get started on the minor renovations we want to do but until all defects have been sorted out, no can do. Sigh. This is very bad for someone as impatient as me. I had wanted to move in before mom makes a visit in July. With 3 bedrooms, it would be possible to hide somewhere and not see The Ret sucking up to mater. Sigh.



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5 responses to “kitty guy

  1. nini

    eeeee! best nya nak renovate rumah!

    pardon – j’ tak cakap peranchis 😉

  2. hehehe…sikit je nini (we hope). paint the walls and add a few electrical points. pasang grille… hot water for showering… install a new sink… shit. this doesn’t sound like sikit anymore!

  3. linn

    let me try translate using my broken french, it says “hello guys and gonzesses”? uh doesn’t sound right..

    Olympic sized pool? ooOoOoOo..thats like my dream house although i don’t have a clue how to swim 😀

  4. hello to all the guys and gals (chicks, literally).

  5. linn: stinky doesn’t know how to either so i’ll be teaching him after we move 🙂
    dali: ahah! finally. we sure miss michel.

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