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I thoroughly enjoyed the Karen Armstrong talk yesterday and in spite of his sniffs and noncommital ‘hmmmsss…’ I think Stinky did too. Dr. Armstrong is a wonderful speaker and her talk was peppered with what I thought were very insightful one-liners on religion and people. I’m hoping that a text of what she said would be available… there were instances when I was still thinking about something she said and she’d moved on to the next gem and suddenly people were laughing or clapping and I had no clue why. Haha. It’ll prolly be easier to just get her books.

There were a lot of familiar faces at the talk. It was nice catching up with Dina, Azim and his girlfriend (sorry, I didn’t hear what you said your name was – all 5 times). TechBoss#1 and his wife was there too. She confirmed the rumours about him transfering soon. I immediately texted Boss#3 to let him know and we indulged in some cyber sobbing. His sobbing was marred by the fact he started gushing about the beautiful pics he was taking with his Canon 400D. *Sniff*


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