but in spite of all

Feeling a bit melancholic today. It’s the last day for a dear, respected colleague who’s moving to Paris. By coincidence another good friend and ex-colleague made a surprise visit from Bucharest. Boss#3 is leaving for good in 2-3 weeks and the new Boss#3 will be arriving Monday from Sudan. Then there’s the persistent rumours of TechBoss#1 also making a move to colder climes. I can’t seem to quell a twinge of envy and not a little disheartenment. It’s all very good to have your bosses to tell you to wait your turn, that it’ll come soon but quite another thing when those same people pack up and leave before you do. Maybe I will take up Chandra’s offer to swap places with him in Mumbai. Sigh.

Something in my lunch must have been dodgy.  Happy weekend all.



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4 responses to “but in spite of all

  1. lil ms d

    u must go to my acupuncturist. stinky and you will love it. 23001699. modern and clean. reasonable. go in and you oengsan tidur. been helping with my back and guess what? i poop well now.

  2. thegrouch

    hehehe…thanks but maybe not. both stinky and i have a horrible fear of needles 😦 . i’ll stick with my spirulina pills for now. hehe.

  3. lil ms d

    doesnt hurt la. puts u to sleep!

  4. sleep! the last thing i’d do with a gazillion needles near me is go to sleep!

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