the shins

I realised I was nodding my head as I was reading this article about a woman moaning about the lack of things to wear this season. Spot on, I thought. I don’t even bother looking for anything in Topshop anymore. The deluge of tunics and maxidresses is simply staggering. I had to comb through 2 Zara outlets before finding ONE white tailored shirt. I should prolly send it to my mom’s tailor and ask her to make several copies in different colours. Haha. Please may KLCC’s GAP open soon with more stuff I can wear.

When I fly and the plane hits a patch of turbulence, I normally start concentrating on deep breathing techniques. Projectile vomiting is not something I want to practice in a plane. I also say a short prayer asking God to make it quick if things went bad. I do not want to be scared out of my wits for minutes on end before dying. I actually cried when I first found out that the astronauts on the Challenger space shuttle probably survived the 3 minutes it took for it to fall back to earth and explode.

Ms. Jowell, the logo sucks OK?

Hello Eocursor! It’s a pleasure to meet you!

(Flipping through a hardcopy of J.R.R Tolkien’s Children of Hurin) “Beebs, nice illustrations kan? It’s exactly how I imagined Middle Earth to be!”

“OMG, if you could only hear youself. You, my dear, have just raised the bar for nerdiness in this relationship.”


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