you never need to doubt it

Tired but happy after coming back from our first look at the new apartment. Except for some minor defects,  I’d say everything is great, but that’s just me in super-excited mode. Like we expected, it was super-windy and cool and we don’t think we’ll be needing any ACs installed. I just realised though that we’ll have to get our own light fixtures and those babies do not come cheap. We also plan to paint over the boring cream walls…. weirdly enough Stinky and I fell in love with the same shade of green in the contractor’s office. So green walls? Probably. Hahaha…

We saw several potential neighbours at the management office. Most looked OK, no one seemed overly friendly or psycho-like. With only 8 units for each floor, the odds aren’t too bad, I hope. Growing up in a neighbourhood where everyone knew you and your parents and delighted in reporting you for the slightest misbehaviour, I have ended up a grouchy, socially inept person who hates neighbourly love. Need a cup of sugar? There’s a bloody 7 Eleven 100m away, dude. It didn’t help that when I was living in Bangi, I stayed in an area where mat rempits and their lovely families lived. My door was peed on by neanderthals when their “Hi, sorang je ke?” went unanswered and their wives thought it was nice to drop their babies/toddlers at my apartment while they went to market and I was home studying between classes. Nevermind I didn’t know them for shit. Since then I’ve developed a rabid dislike for ….. ntahlah. I seem to have more and more stuff on my hate list everyday. Haha… I am so gonna end up an old lady that the whole neighbourhood hates and that kids throw rocks at. Just make sure the rocks are good specimens, ok brats?



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6 responses to “you never need to doubt it

  1. linn

    Hooray for super windy apartments! 😀 That’s like a dream home to me. No worries when the hot weather comes around 🙂

    My parents & I are not the type loves over friendly neighbours especially those kay-pohs who peep & crash into your house like nobody’s business. You can do whatever you want, just leave us alone. Up until today, I keep asking mom why we moved to Shah Alam when we can free kaypoh neighbours in PJ? *sulking*

  2. one reason why we chose the place was because of the big balcony and windows. stinky and i are fresh air freaks.

    here’s to hoping our 7 neighbours will be decent ones.

  3. i remember the story about yr Bangi neighbour. And I thought Pantai Dalam was bad…??

  4. haha… if only my flat had CCTVs…

  5. lil ms d

    hey you!

    i plan to visit this weekend and see if there’s rentals. i do like bangsar heights though. how about we catch up week of june 26?

  6. thegrouch

    lil ms d: sounds good. you should come with us when we next go to the apartment. we went to the pool just now….it’s wow!

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