Haha…sorry for yesterday’s ARGHs. It was a crazy day…. started downloading data at 0900 which only finished at 1300. Then it was a mad rush processing and printing the stuff for our 4pm meeting. By 4.30pm we were still biting our nails as the plotter churned out the prints. It didn’t help that people were breathing down our necks and repeatedly calling asking where we were and would we please hurry as they wanted to have the meeting and go home. Boss#3 threw a tantrum. Of course the server chose to behave like a geriatric just when we needed it most. At 4.55pm, a bunch of us piled into 2 cars and drove like maniacs to KLCC. Sigh. I love the rush of rush jobs* but sometimes the strain on everyone’s nerves can get a bit too much.

Today Stinky and I went to the developer’s office to pay for stuff and get the authorisation letter to get the apartment’s keys. As we took a number and patiently waited our turn, the receptionist turned to Stinky and said, “Hey, you have a band kan?” To which Stinky replied by grinning like an eejit. Did Stinky’s star power *snickers* translate into us jumping the long queue? Nope. So much for that. Haha.

What a wonderful rainy Saturday. I napped for 3 hours and woke up to George nibbling my foot. The cut in food rations must be getting to him.

*rush job: When stuff has to be done almost simultaneously as the data is being acquired on the rig. Any delays translates into downtime or more money hemorrhaging out which is bad. Real bad.

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