love in my tummy

I’ve been having a grump attack since last night and feel out of sorts. Not even finding out GAP will open at KLCC raised my spirits very much. On the contrary I grumbled about how much more hits my wallet can take before a total meltdown. Dear God, please don’t let me be one of those people featured in Till Debt Do Us Part.

I hate feeling this way, this general dissatisfaction with the world and myself and the lack of drive to do anything at work beyond the bare minimum. I even look the part. Today I came to work in flip flops, baggy pants and WWF tshirt that just screams to everyone: “I feel rotten!” My usual pick-me-upper trick of reading companies’ stock prices and investment blogs and imagining the millions I’d make if I were to invest in myriad schemes didn’t work this time. Any available cash we have is now being plowed into the apartment and the mind-boggling array of stuff that needs paying before we can even get hold of the key. I caught myself thinking, “Plz mek moneh gro on trees” as I signed a 2K cheque for the bloody sinking fund, fire insurance and renovation deposit. George and Atti be warned. I’m cutting your rations starting tonight.


Feeling better after lunch. It was another one of those eat-while-you-learn lunches that TechBoss#1 organises every few weeks. Today we learned about faults while munching on some truly delicious O’Brien’s sandwiches. I’ll be the first to admit that it ain’t easy trying to decipher which way the fault orientation is while eating, but it can be done. Otherwise lunch will have to be postponed till after class and that certainly doesn’t suit me.

Stinky’s sick. Gotta go take him to the doctor’s.

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