500 miles


George  at age 6 monthsbaby binturong

Baby binturong vs. baby George. Long lost cousins.

New month, new template. 

In the quest for better poop, today’s lunch is 2 pieces of wholemeal toast with swiss cheese, 1 cup of steamed mixed vegs & brussels sprouts sprinkled with lemon juice and 1 sachet of cinnamon roll flavoured oatmeal. If this doesn’t get the poop going, nothing will.

It is heartening to know that should I have been alive in the time of the dinosaurs, I would have no trouble running away from T.rex. Or so they say. New things keep cropping up about dinosaurs, making my cherished dinosaur encyclopaedia obsolete. Sobs. Must get a new one.

Been buying 4D tickets using Gilhooley’s plate number to no avail. Sigh. Macam mana nak jadi kaya kalau macam ni?

Here’s a reminder to myself. Always have 2 books with you when you travel in case you finish the first one just before a long flight and you’re forced to rely on the dodgy selection at the airport’s ‘convenience shoppe’. You can either go for extremely trashy romances with amazingly well-muscled, half-naked heroes on the cover or Sidney Sheldon books emblazoned with the words: FOR SALE IN THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT ONLY. I went for the latter only because I didn’t have any paper handy to cover the embarrassing covers of the former (not that I don’t like Mr. Sheldon’s work). I don’t think we’re on the Indian subcontinent though.

George and Atticus have a bad habit of lying spread-eagled on the mat whenever Stinky prays. They’ll occasionally scoot when he gets down then immediately resume their positions once he stands up again. Most of the time though they’ll just lie there on their backs and look beseechingly at Stinky for a tummy rub. I don’t know how Stinky can refrain from laughing. I know I couldn’t. I once asked him:

“Do you realise what’s going on around you when you pray or are you like in this other world?”

“Sedarlah! What, you think it’s like a trance?”

“Tererlah you didn’t laugh when Atti did that kangkang thing.”

“Believe me, it was hard not to.”



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4 responses to “500 miles

  1. linn

    This template is much better :D. Your previous of George & Attie can masuk Vogue for Animals (kalau ada) front cover.

    Have u tried prunes or papaya? I remember when I was in school, a classmate of mine drink a cup of Lipton tea plus nestum (if that’s how u spell)to get the poop out & about. But prunes always works for me.

  2. hi linn! glad you like the template 🙂

    to be brutally honest about the poop issue, it’s not so much that it’s not coming out (it is), but about it coming out without too much pain. i hate prunes and papayas so no way jose! spirulina tablets and oatmeal usually help me out. thanks for the suggestion anyway!

  3. waiwai

    E, I suggest you buying a Sony Portable Reader. My bro highly recommends it :”>

  4. hi wai!
    a portable reader, huh? damn, another gadget to lust after…

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