It’s a slow day, or rather my head seems stuffed with gravel and I can’t bother to do any interpreting work, so I thought let’s blog instead! You try justifying why you think that yellow square on the screen is a reworked sand bar from the number of squiggles on it when you can barely see from sneezing continuously. Another explanation is of course about me being a malas, skiving eejit.

Aidil has reminded me that I haven’t been doing enough for Couple to qualify for first dibs at tshirts, free passes and stuff so here goes.

  • Couple’s Top of the Pop album is sold by amazon.com! It’s the Japanese version and has a couple (sigh) more songs than the version you might have bought here, hence the mind-boggling price of $29.49. That’s dollars, folks. Not your almighty ringgit. Check out the lone review. I asked Aidil and he has confirmed he did not impersonate nor ask (and pay) the guy to write such glowing stuff about Le Couple.

 Ok, my second effort at Couple pimping.

  • Aidil compiled this month’s compilation CD that Junk gives away free with its magazine. I’m not a fan of the mag beyond its superb pictures, my gripe being they could improve the writing and be more diversified in their reviews, but hey for the happy feet-tapping mood I got when listening to the mixed tape, I mean CD, I consider my RM10 well spent. I have the CDs of all the bands (what did I tell you about first dibs?) on the compilation but I’m grateful someone chose the best songs outta each and compiled them for me. For a sample of this regions best musical acts, go get yourself that mixed tape! I mean CD. My favourite tunes are Vox’s Pada Awalnya, Karon N Roll’s Boleh-Boleh, Karesi’s Kitty Guy and The Great Spy Experiment’s Class ‘A’ Love Affair.

Is that enough for you, Mister I-Have-A-Growing-Rep?



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8 responses to “pimpin’

  1. I love Couple!!! Aidil is sHooooo cute. 🙂

  2. thegrouch

    hahaha…he’ll be ecstatic to read your comment, nate! and i don’t mean the part where you say you like his band 😀 .

  3. nuaqe

    As I was drivin’ to work this morning…came across this number twice “hidup-masuk-kosong-kaya” You try that. Kalu kena just get me an orange-colored Croc to wear…Deal?

  4. 3208?
    dude, if i menang 4D first prize with that number i’ll buy you crocs in any colour you want! haha.

  5. nuaqe

    No lah..it’s “3608” and don’t leave out all the combinations to it. Just so…

  6. damn. missed by a digit.
    haha…you really want orange crocs, dont you?
    i wear my black mary jane crocs to work everyday… it’s fantastic for all that walking to and fro the towers.

  7. nuaqe

    I bought the imitation oranged one for my lil’ girl the other day. Now I want the ori. one for me self if you hit the big one. May lady luck be with you…hahaha

  8. hahha..ok, ok. i dah minta my mom belikan. she’s my 4D agent :D.

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