fishy delights

Fish noodles at Wan Wan. A KK institution. 

I’m back in KL after a 3 day whirlwind visit to KK to see mom and Lil Bro. I’m really really glad I went – with pop in Manilla, someone had to play mediator for mom and steeped-in-teenage-angst-compounded-by-ADD Lil Bro. Watching mom trying not to go insane while LB was giving her lip… it’s enough for me to seriously think about Stinky getting a vasectomy.

Our apartment is complete! Got a letter today saying the temporary CF has been issued and once we pay ‘all monies and interest payable’, we get our keys as well! Hooray (to the key part, not the paying monies thing)! Stinky and I still haven’t finalised any decorating plans at all, beyond agreeing that we’ll have loads of floor-to-ceiling shelves for our books/DVDs/CDs and that our walls will be full of the posters we’ve collected over the years (plus a stray cross-stitch or two). IKEA here we come! By golly, I’m so glad I applied for the IKEA credit card thing (no interest applicable on stuff bought there and paid for with said card). I usually pay all cc debts every month to avoid the killer interest rates but with Gilhooley in the picture, things are a bit tight cash-flow wise (Nini, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call if new funds are launched 😀 ). Argh! Hiring contractors! Plumbers! Electricians! This is a first for Stinky and I. Let’s just hope we don’t make too many costly mistakes along the way. Dudes, if y’all have any advice or suggestions, you know they’re very welcome. Begged for actually.

I have a bad cold at the mo’ and not in the best of dispositions so when George tried to sleep ON MY FACE last night after repeated shooings I picked him up and threw him out the bedroom. He retaliated this morning by whining at the crack of dawn and sneezing in my face just when I opened my eyes to pinpoint his location and throw a pillow at him. I collapsed back in bed. Cat snot and human snot is just too much at 0600 on a Monday morning. George, if we ever go hungry, I’m eating you first, you fat slob.



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4 responses to “parachutes

  1. linn

    Feel better soon! I’m stuck with itchy, red face & sore sleepy eyes.

    I can already imagine how apartment gonna look like – very studio-ish plus two sexy boys. Oh two or three boys? *thinks* ok, three..sometimes I forgot Stinky is human :-/

    All prayers for your ex-colleague..

  2. thanks linn. you get well soon too 🙂

    it’s 2 cat boys and 1 human boy. i can’t imagine how george and atti will adapt to the new place…tear it down prolly!

    thanks for the prayers. him and the 3 others need all the help they can get.

  3. ccw

    simplest advice i could give…. get several itemised quotes and compare. ask how come some jobs costs more but don’t tell that you have approached some other contractor regarding the job.

  4. thanks c! hey, we wanna show you the apartment one day then we go makan ok?

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