over and over

he can catch you anywhere

A-hah! I knew they could swim! It just seemed weird that Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus could but T-Rex couldn’t. Now we know both can!

I found out yesterday that my favourite tshirt vendor Threadless Tshirts is having a sale till June 3rd. Tshirts are now $10 (that’s USD) a pop! I didn’t go crazy this time and limited myself to 1… OK 2 tshirts. Check it out, peeps.

Sunday school is now over and I have my Sunday afternoons back again! To celebrate I bought Annals of the Former World by John McPhee, who is one of my favourite authors ever. I just finished his book Coming into the Country for the third time and was in a snit for more McPhee work. Everytime I read CITC I always feel like asking Boss#3 for a transfer to Alaska (yes we have offices there). McPhee does a perfect job describing the joys of canoeing down a river and catching fish for dinner. I’ve always loved the outdoors (when there are no leeches present) and CITC for me is waaayyy up there with James Herriot’s books on animals. A feel good book for a deskbound geologist.


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