ai iz sker’d of bump

I was brushing my teeth after lunch when I noticed a small bump at the top of my hand. It felt firm to touch and horror of horrors, it’s attached to my vein and MOVES AROUND! OMG, just typing that made me feel faint. I am so grossed out and panicky right now it’s not funny. I guess I’m a failed depresso: I always think about death and stuff, but when weird symptoms happen to me, I panic big time. Let me give you an example of the things that went through my head in the 3 minutes it took me to finish brushing my teeth:

  •  *sobs* Dielah, die! Could it be mercury poisoning? (I just had 5 pieces of sushi)
  •  Is it gonna EXPLODE!!!???
  •  Stinkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Stinkyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
  •  I wanna go home…
  •  *sobs* What if it explodes? Will it hurt? Will blood gush out?
  •  WHAT DID I DOOO????
  •  God, is this ‘coz I lied in Confession?
  •  HELP ME GOD!!!!
  •  *sobs* Please don’t explode… *sobs*

I’d go and see Dr. Emma but then she’d think I’m making up excuses to see her (she so lawa…. ). I think I’ll wait a bit. The bump doesn’t hurt but I can’t stop probing it and feeling all sick each time it wiggles about under my skin. Ugh…ugh… see? I feel all faint again…… I googled “bump vein wrist” and came up with this.

Imagine if you were homeless and a mystery bump-attached-to-vein came upon you like it did me. What would you do? Where would you go? Idlan is running and raising funds to help the homeless. 1 quid is only RM7 – chump change in KL when you really think about it (a day’s parking fee in this building is RM8), but powerful enough to do good for others.

*sobs* I just touched the bump again and it violently moved! Stinky! Stinky! Come pick me uppppppp…..!

OK, I can’t resist this: wanting to ‘destroy’ your opposition ‘coz it’s your responsibility? Who died and made you God? Tsk tsk. They’re prolly the only thing keeping you in check, sir. Stop yakking around and instead form a council to investigate mysterious bumps-that-are-attached-to-veins.



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2 responses to “ai iz sker’d of bump

  1. Hey you should really go to see Dr. Emma and…um, take a picture.

  2. i sense concern not for my bump but for the confirmation of a certain physician’s hotness! humph.

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