the little engine that could


When Melvin the car salesman first asked us to submit a prefered plate number for the car, we naturally went for the same number as Blue Wonder’s. It was ong, meaning lucky, and my pop had paid a substantial amount for it when we first got Blue Wonder 15 years ago. My chinese friends were always laughing and commenting on its supposed meaning (Get rich easily and stay rich, or something like that), and I liked it coz it was easy to remember. Melvin wasn’t too impressed with it though and breezily said it’d be easy to get. A week later he didn’t sound too sure and said I’d have to pay an extra RM400 if I wanted it. Yesterday he said I needed to tender a bid for it and the cost may reach RM5000.

We abandoned our lucky number and after much giggles and consultation with a chinese friend, chose another.

I like the new number a lot. Again it’s easy to remember and it has my favourite number 5 in it. Let’s hope it keeps its promise. Literally ‘Quick quick quick rich!’ Hahahha… the way George and Atti poop and use up their litter, we need all the help we can get.


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10 responses to “the little engine that could

  1. nuaqe

    Is it WQB 5558….

  2. hahaha… leave a note on the car (when i get it) and we’ll find out. i can’t really say yet coz i dunno myself.

    man, you’re good at this fengshui/ong numbers biz eh?

  3. nuaqe

    Not that I have total faith in it…but what you did was a good call. Why pay for RM5K when you can get it for RM5. I remember back in the states in’88 when I paid US$25 just to get this license plate number “KU2” for my EX250 Kawasaki motorbike and that was like the most one had to pay to get a special plate number…I wonder how much this number “WWW 888” would cost here???

  4. *snorts* KU2!!!!
    what i really wanted was a single digit number like 5, but melvin looked at me like i was nuts. what, you won’t pay an extra 10K for a vtec engine but you want a single digit plate number? hahaha…

  5. nuaqe

    There’s this cousin of dina on my floor by the name of TM and she’s driving a Waja with license plate DGF6…Howzat?

  6. nini

    banyaaaaaaaakk duit nak single digit? :p yeay, u got a black one! 🙂

  7. manalah i know so mahal! so i dared to dream… hahhaa…

  8. nuaqe

    Bukan DGF6 lah…it’s DF6. DGF is Digital Group Forming a seismic processing process of marine Q-data. OMG!I think seismic too much…

  9. hehehe… as my friend abby says: the geeks shall inherit the earth.

    whoa. nice number, dude. but u know what? i always wonder how people with 1-2 digit plate numbers main 4 ekor. hahahha… i am so buying 4D for my new number!

  10. nuaqe

    May Fortuna&Tyche be with you!

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