kawah ratu

Kawah Ratu at Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung.

Yep, I’ve changed the template. Pretty happy with the colour and extremely happy that I still have pics of rocks and stuff in my harddrive. My only complaint is the list of categories at the bottom. I’d have prefered something more streamlined, y’know? 

I like the weekend ritual of planning my weekday meals, going grocery shopping and cooking and freezing whatever it is I decide to make. It took quite some time to perfect the whole thing with some memorable hits and misses (steamed pea sprouts suck big time). Stinky is amused at my collection of airtight containers and will roll his eyes every time I buy a new one at Cold Storage. He doesn’t understand how profoundly afraid I am of food going bad and causing another tummyache like the one I had in Jakarta last month. I will throw away food at the slightest weird smell or taste but ironically get sick on food I thought was perfectly safe.

Amongst my favourite things to prepare is brown rice, soup and mixed vegs. Brown rice is a no-brainer. You cook a quantity and refrigerate in an airtight container. It keeps for several days. My only complaint is I still don’t know how to measure properly and will end up with too much or too little. Soup is the greatest timesaver meal. I usually throw a couple things into a slowcooker Saturday night and come Sunday morning, there’s something to eat the whole day. I also freeze them in single portion containers and bring them to work. Nothing beats a chunky split pea soup on a cold day. Mixed vegs? Just steam the little cubes for a few minutes, refrigerate, and tomorrow heat up, squeeze some lemon and voila! instant vitamins.

The funny thing is, though I love the food I bring and wolf down everything, I can’t help but crave whatever it is everyone else is eating. I can’t keep track the number of times I’ve pinched a bit of Lil’s ayam goreng Pak Mat just coz I couldn’t take it anymore. Haha. So yeah, I do bring my own lunch, it does help with my poop, it is low GI and low fat, and yet I don’t lose any weight at all for all the pinching that’s being done. Oh well, good poop is better than painful poop any day.



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2 responses to “something

  1. linn

    Bila nak buat makan-makan? 😀
    Over here (Amcorp) not much things to eat other than 1901, McD, kedai mamak, Starbucks *sigh* so I stock up my drawer with cereals, Milo & bread. Sad lahh…

  2. if i do have a makan-makan, you can be sure it’ll be catered!

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