goodnight my love

So here I am at the office on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It’s been 3 hours already and the end is no where in sight. I’ve smsed my sunday school teacher that I most prolly wouldn’t make it to class today. He sounds pissed. Sorry my friend, but deadlines and revenue takes precedence over talking about my feelings and hearing others spout theirs. Plus it warms my nasty little heart to listen to the sighs of my newbies as I delete yet another misplaced dip they picked. Hmmm…. is it also a coincidence that they sigh everytime another CCR song comes up on my iTunes? I do so apologise for my redneck tastes.

I just realised that come next month, they’d have been here for a year and I shouldn’t call ’em newbies anymore. Technically I should have stopped calling them newbies last week when they officially got promoted to a new grade. Old habits die hard though. Lemme think of another name to call them and I’ll let you know. Ah, I think I’ll just refer to them as The Twins (they joined the same day) like what TechBoss#1 and Boss#3 calls them.

For someone who’s really into financial security, this article really saddened me. He was just a lonely old man, happy for some conversation and they stole all his savings. Sigh. I really hope the investigation does some good and will hopefully find ways to prevent this from happening in the future. At the end of the article, the consequences of the scam is laid bare for the reader:

Today, just as he feared, Mr. Guthrie’s financial freedom is gone. He gets a weekly $50 allowance to buy food and gasoline. His children now own his home, and his grandson controls his bank account. He must ask permission for large or unusual purchases.

Man, it’s enough for you to rethink how you handle all those people calling you up coz ‘you’re such a great customer!’


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