chasing cars

On the days Stinky needs the car and drops me off at work instead of my dropping him off at court, I menace him for brekkie money. Threats range from flashing my asscrack to not giving him the car keys. Haha. The poor fler would just as willingly hand the money over if I ask nicely but he indulges his demented partner anyway. Drama and the illusion of power is so good for the soul. So is free bubur and milk.

I’m currently in a snit over the results of some work my newbies did for me. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that they tried to cut corners for reasons such as tedium(!) and time-constraints and the result was below par work. What annoys me no end is  I’ve already warned them over the excessive use of the automatic vs. manual/interactive option but they did it anyway and without being smart enough to not get caught. My weekend is now but a lost fantasy and you can be damn sure I’m making them come and watch me re-do their shoddy work. It’s not being vindictive. It’s trying to instill in them the very basics of being a good geoscientist. I’ve had the good fortune to have been trained by excellent mentors *waves to AA and AH* and I want to pass it on. Humph. I’m still pissed about the lost weekend though. And hey, c’mon, there’s a reason you’re sent to school to learn it the hard way vs. pushing a button and letting the computer do it. Argh. Man, am I in a snit.

Who is this 90% they speak of? Bollocks, man, bollocks. Malaysians don’t do shit when it comes to recycling.

CSOTD: If you want to show off your butt, make sure the skin’s been exfoliated and nicely moisturised, ok?



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2 responses to “chasing cars

  1. katrina aftermath

    and our lunch buddy thot it was a tattoo!! … LOL!

  2. thegrouch

    who wouldn’t? it was daki ok?

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