turunlah ke lantai dansa

I was happy to see this article about a second sequel to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind. I’ve read the original book and the first sequel, Scarlett, but they were mainly on how Scarlett saw things (she ruined the name Ashley for me). Rhett Butler’s People should be a great read to anyone who’s ever wondered about Rhett and his adventures. I know I did. Can’t wait till November.

Today is Ascension. The church I go to has 3 masses to celebrate the day. Missed the first two. Let’s see if I make the third *crosses fingers*.

Today I got a tile for participating in last week’s Geek Conference. I also received an umbrella stamped with my winning slogan for making 2006 a great year revenue wise. An umbrella. Last year it was an iPod.

We’re so chuffed 😀 .


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