kerana semua sudah tiada ertinya

chased by domokuns


(thanks for the reminder, dals)

A couple nights ago I went into Czip Lee to look for my favourite pen. Unfortunately I came out not only with the pens but also a box of crayons. Don’t even ask me why, I don’t know myself. I blame the iconic yellow & green label. It must have triggered some happy memory of me destroying colouring books with waxy scribbles and swirls. AHA! I just thought of something! The next time we have a correlation exercise at work or at a client’s office, I’ll be the ONLY one with a full set of snazzy crayons versus boring old coloured pencils! Mesti the other geologists jealous. Hahaha..

Why is it that in every group, classroom, club, office, kampung, etc. there has to be that one person who is a Gossip. She knows everything and yet nothing. She fabricates stories, spreads discontent and misinterprets the most innocent words and deeds. They’re such awful people. I always feel like kicking the one we have here.

The dealership has called to say a car which matches one of our two colour preferences has arrived. Yippee! Stinky and I are so very excited. Unfortunately it also means we need to pay up the downpayment. Ouch ouch ouch. I always get upset when our bank balance goes below a certain level (I’m a big believer of having emergency funds)…. and the way things look, it’ll be that way for quite sometime. Breathe, Grouchy, breathe…

A hard-to-please client (yes AA, THAT client) has told our client liason dude who told me that I did a good job on a recent project. That really, really made my day. Now I’m wishing damn hard the liason dude would tell my boss too. I am not in his good books for this month’s revenue shortfall. I’m trying my darnedest to claw my way back up into the warmth of his approval. Hahhaa…if that isn’t kiasu, I dunno what is.

CSOTD: In love with domokuns.



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6 responses to “kerana semua sudah tiada ertinya

  1. did you know that czip lee had humble beginnings in Kajang? Or did you actually go to czip lee kajang? hahaha

  2., i went to the one in bangsar. i HAVE been to the kajang store though. many happy hours spent browsing for the perfect notebook and pen.

  3. Tahniah! on that 3rd ‘N’ 4th paragraphed news. On the gossip monger story, there’s always one everywhere. Been thru’ one and it almost cost me my big “M” but I pull thru’. Don’t pay too much attention to those sort of thing, they’re only for low functioning brain owner…

  4. thanks nuaqe!
    yeah man, i totally agree.

  5. AA

    Good for you!! Make them happy… take their money..

    He’s still around… hmmm quite long for an expat.


  6. thegrouch

    yep, he’s still around :D. guess what? we found a mutual interest in….. antiques!

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