you never sweep or mow the lawn


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Finally! The Geek Conference is over, I have no more puking urges and my presentation script can go where it belongs: the shredder.

I didn’t want to blog about this before but I’ve had it up to HERE with the whole absurd business of getting my car loan approved. My first grump is with the lady who called me up for 30 minutes quizzing me about myself and my various financial details. For someone who works for the bank my salary gets deposited into and who had been given all sorts of personal finance documents, she knew surprisingly little, but hey, ok, she was doing her job. Unfortunately things got a little tense when she insisted on calling MY PARENTS to verify I was their sweet little munchkin. This was after I had given her contact details of my secretary, my HR department and whoever else in this goddamn building who knew me. She got quite uppity when I said I prefered she didn’t call my parents. “Is there something you want to hide, Ms. Grouch?”, she asked. I politely explained that we were all adults and if I couldn’t buy a car at the age of 28 without my parents having to give permission, I might as well kill myself.

She called my dad the next day anyway and spoiled whatever surprise I might have had in store for the folks. Her excuse? “I couldn’t reach your secretary and only spoke to the HR manager.” Whatever, dude. You suck.

My second grump is with her colleague who called a few minutes ago. Not only did she give me shit for asking to sign the agreement at a bank branch of my choice, but when I asked her whom I should ask for when I go to the bank tomorrow, she replied, “We’ll be there, don’t worry.” When I asked again who she was and what her contact details were, she said, “Cari je. My name is W.” Sigh. If it weren’t for the promotional offer thingy…… I am so tempted to call the whole off. Dealing with eejits is a health hazard.



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3 responses to “you never sweep or mow the lawn

  1. They were just envy with the amount of money you’re making while they could only come close to it by helping you to count…sob!sob!sob!

  2. AA

    Presentation script??? No need lah just go and BS only….


  3. thegrouch

    nuaqe: mana ada wei… you seismic guyslah money-makers…. 😀

    AA: BS!? with The Kakak around? but i must admit i talked so fast even she didn’t get it. hahahah…

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