I had a nice weekend. Nothing too strenuous but we got things that needed sorting done. Went to IKEA with the sole purpose of getting storage boxes but ended up buying a new bookshelf, clothes rack, hangers and assorted cookies. The storage boxes? We forgot them until we got home and sweatily dumped our new purchases in the living room. Methinks it’s some inner IKEA demon in me that just loves excuses to go to the store.

I’ve been trying to clear the house a bit. Old magazines, unused pots and pans, but mostly it’s clothes. I’m not exaggerating when I say there must be more than 300 tshirts under this roof, mostly band tshirts or second-hand ones found in flea markets all over the world. It’s been hell trying to get rid of them. Each one holds memories, nevermind I can’t fit into them anymore. Always there’s that tiny voice that asks, “What about when you get thin again?” Hah! Hahahahhaha… Anyway, I have filled 3 boxes already with clothes to be given away. Anyone has any ideas where I can donate them to? Most charities don’t really like donations of clothes – I guess they’ve had too many incidents where people dump any old thing on them. Rest assured mine and Stinky’s are in top condition, just a bit musty from storage. We’re giving most things away ‘coz they just don’t fit anymore and keeping them around is just a harsh reminder of the smaller versions of us. 😀

It’s been nice getting compliments on my 3kg weight loss though I inwardly cringe when I think of all the puking, pooping and pain involved. I think I’ve regained the whole thing this weekend though. PMS has hit hard this month and I pop choccies and wasabi-flavoured seaweed chips like no tomorrow. Sigh. It was nice while it lasted.



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4 responses to “rehab

  1. Ehem!I could use some of ’em rock t-shirts….

  2. thegrouch

    REALLY? ok, lemme go through them and i’ll take pics of the nicer ones for you to take a look at 😀 . i forgot to mention some of them are in hideous colours though. i must have been colour-blind when i bought them. hahaha…

  3. shahrulazwad

    i could do with some rockers t-shirts and flea market t-shirts with nice design and quotes.

    the clothes are getting smaller these days too..

    i need to trim my abs. people think i’m married with kids.

  4. thegrouch

    my friend shah will open his own tshirt biz soon. you can get some there. we’re all so excited.

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