maybe friday we can get tickets to the dance

Taking a break from preparing the script for my presentation. I’m tired, tired, tired. I hate and fear public speaking like I hate and fear tummy bugs so all my presentations have to have scripts that are carefully rehearsed and memorised. I still have 1 slide to write a dialogue for – and my presentation is tomorrow. I foresee a l o n g night ahead and waking up at 0400 in cold sweat. You’d think it’d get better after all these years but it never does. I cross my fingers when I tell newbies it will. Haha.

OK, enough whining. Here’s a couple of links to some articles I thoroughly enjoyed today.

  •  The 5 second rule – I guess we weren’t so stupid after all. It really does apply!
  • Helvetica celebrates its 50th birthday – I never knew I liked fonts. I mean I enjoy checking out the different ones available in MS Word, but to actually want to buy and read a book on fonts? I even wanna see the movie! Stinky will never let me live this one down, especially since I mocked him on his absolute dejection on Powerpop Lovers shutting down. Beebs, L is for ….
  • The true cost of your morning cuppa – I thought it was a coincidence that I’m currently reading a book that explores the hidden costs of our demands for cheap food. Felicity Lawrence’s Not on the Label is a must read for anyone wanting to educate themselves on what goes on behind the cheery supermarkets where we mindlessly do our groceries. There’s one part in the book where she’s discussing coffee and prawns: she travels to Uganda to meet with a coffee farmer. When she tells him that a cup of coffee in London is 25 times what he makes in a year, he cries and tells her to tell him that she’s lying. His heart would break otherwise. He can’t feed nor send his children for schooling and 4 have died already [Edit: this was another farmer]. I put the book down at that point and thought of the many times I crossed the street to Coffee Bean to treat myself to a cup of peppermint mocha latte. I didn’t feel good for a long time afterwards.

OK, enough of that too. Back to posturing in front of mirrors.



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2 responses to “maybe friday we can get tickets to the dance

  1. katrina aftermath

    ppl tell me how cool you were at the presentation! that you were very good. that you were among the best. day 1 was a dissapointment … you know the rest of the story.

  2. thegrouch

    hehe..thanks lil. that freako ‘it’s-not-my-job’ R was there and i didnt want to look like an eejit in front of him. 😀

    p.s-thanks again for you-know-what! DB looked jealous when i gave it to him to download my presentation!

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