as long as there are stars above you

We’re having some sort of Geek Conference at the end of this week and everyone is scrambling to finalise their presentations. Commercial work has ground to an almost complete halt with most stuff delegated to newbies and non-GC participants or even worse, done after hours. Everyone looks stressed and in complete agreement that the GC is an annual event to torment us. You sense that if speed were available, a whole lotta people would be speedsters. I wish I could beg off like I did last year, but this time I had no such luck. Boss#3 sneakily included it into my ’07 objectives and now I’m stuck. Sigh.

The one thing I’ve enjoyed is reading technical papers and journals in preparation for the whole thing. Stuff that didn’t make any sense 2-3 years ago now seem clearer, at least the geology-related parts. Others, well papers from other disciplines is a whole different story. The more you read, the more you feel overwhelmed: you read one paper to answer one question and end up having 10 questions afterwards. In fact I tried mapping all the different questions I had, starting from just one logging tool and ended up running out of space – on an A3 sheet.

Man, the tokens they give conference presenters better be outta this world. Hah!

 Btw, I’ve started a new nerd endeavour.

CSOTD: Constipation’s a welcome relief after 2 weeks of cirits.



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7 responses to “as long as there are stars above you

  1. linn

    When you say Geek Conference, the only thing i can think of Star Wars. I have no idea what is the connection…*blur*

  2. hahhaha…no, at this GC we’ll be thumping our chests and extolling the goodness of our products and services.
    example? i’ll be saying geology is king, my friend will say geophysics is king, another will say reservoir engineering wins while everyone will agree petrophysics sucks. haha, sorry. geek joke.

  3. ill say seismic is the king!

    no seismic = no data = no well = no hydrocarbon = no petrol = no oil companies = no RM1.92 per litre petrol = kenot go anywhere!


    *i am a geek*

  4. since geologists and geophysicists are allies i’m willing to share the throne. you can be a prince. hahahhaa….

    but please remember, nothing beats the vertical resolution of our geology imaging tools 😀 . 0.2 inches ok!

  5. No seismic No life! Hahaha

  6. eh, nuaqe, you’re a geologist by training ok. jangan khianat.

  7. Hahahaha….Traitor!

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