take me to funkytown

I’ve been bringing my own lunch to work lately, usually a couple PB&J sarnies and steamed vegs. I started about 2 months ago and was quite pleased with the results – less painful berak sessions. I didn’t quite lose any weight which was a major downer, but hey I thought, I was eating healthily anyway.

I usually love my own cooking. I can’t ever remember concocting something so bad that I wouldn’t eat it, but today’s lunch was something of a record breaker. We didn’t have any bread at home so I decided to just increase the vegs portion and make do without any sarnies. I chopped carrots, beets, pea sprouts and added frozen spinach, broad beans and mushrooms. I steamed the whole lot then splashed some balsamic vinegar and added pepper and herbs to taste. I’ve done it before with great results and wasn’t expecting any different this time around. Imagine my surprise when I took a bite a couple minutes ago and the whole thing tasted like major ugh. Methinks the combination has gone wrong somewhere. Or the beets that I thought were slightly off really is off. Oh gosh, please don’t let me get sick again. I still haven’t stopped ciriting.

Cryptic Sentence of the Day: Uhh…someone has joined Facebook.



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3 responses to “take me to funkytown

  1. A disco tune made popular by Lipps Inc in 1980.

  2. eh, i love this song like nobody’s business 😀
    i just love it when she sings: won’t you take me to…FUNKYTOWN!?

  3. I like the violin or whatever sound before that chorus…JengGejeng!

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