class A love affair

For the second time in our relationship, Stinky and I signed up for a financial committment that will bind us for the next few years. The first was when we bought our dream apartment last year, today we went to a dealership and paid a booking fee for a car. It was scary and exciting at the same time…. we held hands as we looked at all the models, sometimes dreaming how we’d look driving a particular snazzy make. Stinky shyly confessed he’d really like a Honda CRV which made me smile. Besides his movies and music, Stinky isn’t into things see, so him wanting a big ass SUV and ‘fessing up to it…. haha.

We’ll miss the Blue Wonder, but after 15 years and more money than I’d care to remember spent on its health, it’s time to move on. It’ll still be around – The Ret inherits it. I’m selling her Kancil and giving her Blue Wonder to drive the 500m (yes, metres) from her house to college. It’ll be a welcome change for Blue not having to battle KL traffic day in day out.

Since we picked a colour that wasn’t available immediately, we’ll have to wait a month or so. In the mean time, mums the word when we’re around the Blue Wonder. Wouldn’t want it to sulk and break down – costing us another cool couple hundred and enhancing our mechanic’s kids’ college fund.



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5 responses to “class A love affair

  1. “Knowing that love is to share”…trivia time. Which tune is that line from?Piece of cake! Tumpang happylah…I drove my wira for 12 years and finally justified to be unpatriotic and get an ES.

  2. here there and everywhere – the beatles (thank you google) 😀

    nuaqe, ES itu apa?

  3. ES is the 7th generation of Civic…

  4. shahrul azwad

    i also like big vehicle but not suv. i dream of owning a pick up truck. I’m not sure why. maybe because i think it is a very practical vehicle. nice for adventure as well as for the city. maybe it is also due to the male ego thing. you just have to have it big. what more a truck. any boy would like trucks.

    i like nissan frontier but the latest ford ranger do look tempting as well.

    well it is all done, take me for a drive will ya?

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