kau yang slalu bilang

BK in Indonesia!

There are many ways to lose 3kgs in less than a week. I would definitely NOT recommend the way I did it – puking and berak-ing repeatedly until at one point I just lay on the floor halfway between the sink and toilet bowl. It was just too much effort to run from the bed every few minutes.

But in that small window of time when I wasn’t sick, Jakarta reminded me again why I return again and again, each time finding more things to love. A GAP store that carries large sizes, donuts of every pedigree, Roti Bakar Eddy restos, sambal with each meal and doctors who actually make you laugh when he pokes an IV through you.

This trip definitely wasn’t as fun and hectic and cheap as I had planned it to be, but thank you to all the wonderful people who made my stay (in sickness and in health) a good one. I can only hope I pull through when it’s my turn.

p.s – Congratulations Indonesia on the opening of Burger King!  😀


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