mobil balap

The washing machine broke down early yesterday morning, just when I was getting down to the regular Weekend Laundry Marathon. It was severe enough to warrant a serious think of getting a new one. I was pretty sad… I had bought the old thing after having scrimped and saved and adding my 2003 birthday money. Now it was dead.

Luckily the first appliance shop we went to had an affordable model AND could deliver the same day. My laundry woes were over! I cheerily went home to wait for the delivery men to come by with the new machine. I had loads to wash!

The shark dive was great. It was fun following my favourite puffer fish around. I touched the sharks several times, each time praying they wouldn’t get a notion to snap at any of my limbs, or worse my head. I must say it is very unnerving to see a shark swim lazily towards you. Nature didn’t give them genial features and to see rows of teeth and expressionless eyes coming closer and closer is the stuff of nightmares. Would I do it again? The cheapo in me screams YES! (it was only RM30) but the cautious Capricorn says prolly not. Once was enough. I’d rather dive and enjoy pretty corals and fishies without having to worry about the what ifs.

I dunno about you but this kinda feels like invasion of privacy. Why should we tell them what we do abroad? Oh well, as a Malaysian I guess I should be blase about it by now.


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6 responses to “mobil balap

  1. Ever try coin-operated self-service laundry?My favorite weekend past-time.So whenever I need sumthin’ to wear or wash real fast WHAM-BAM!…RM3 for 5Kg of half-hour washing and another RM3 for 5Kg of 45mins-drying…

  2. when i was a kid in the states adalah. i’ve never used one here though. i remember loving the smell of freshly dried clothes coming out of the dryers. but nothing beats sun-dried clothes! even the texture’s different!

  3. No doubt about that but I like havin’ the options tho’…”Tiada rotan akar pun berguna”

  4. ccw

    why would the government wanna know what we do in other countries? it’s not like they’re gonna offer us something similar locally. and this whole thing smells like conspiracy. “duh……. we smuggle x overseas and bring back contraband…..”

  5. right on, C! i’m thinking it’ll be worse for all those high flyers we elect when it comes out they have shopping trips in europe….

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