silence is golden

Ever since Boss#3 left, F and I have been scrambling to cover for him on top of dealing with the normal end-of-month madness. Top it off with 2 newbies who need supervising and you get a lot of moans and whines about when the boss’ replacement is coming over. F and I found out by accident who the replacement will most possibly be and immediately searched his name on the database. Verdict: he has a cheery grin and excellent credentials. Speaks 3 languages and has sort of a modern mullet hairdo.

IMHO, when you are a newbie you do your best to make good impressions on everyone, be it the tea lady or your manager. You smile with boundless, skyhigh enthusiasm, you keep mum when being taught and you take notes, but most of all you don’t refuse a reasonable request to help out with a bitchy remark. Lil and Stinky are prolly sick to death of this story but I just can’t let it go. A couple weeks ago when I was in the mailroom sending off a package to a distant client, I noticed a newbie pawing through a huge stack of our department’s mail. The secretary on his side of the building had gone on vacation, hence the pile of post. It suspiciously looked like he was only looking for his post and had no intent of carrying the whole pile up for his fellow team members.

me: “Dude, bring the whole thing uplah. Kesian your mates nak tunggu M balik.”
newbie: *in accented Malay no less* “Nak cari surat saya je.”
me: “WHAT?”
newbie: “It’s not my job.”

I was flabbergasted and for several seconds just looked at him in shock. Fortunately the DHL guy interrupted to ask for the client’s addie. When I looked up, newbie was gone – without the stack of mail. I went up to my secretary and fumed. She laughed and reported he had given her cheek as well. What is the world coming to? ‘It’s not my job’, my fucking ass.

I’m doing that shark dive thing tomorrow. If you’re in Aquaria around noon, look for a blob with a black snorkel tube.



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7 responses to “silence is golden

  1. hv fun wif the sharks!!!

    *dem jeles*

    ohhh nowadays not my job attitude syndrome has hit worldwide!

  2. thegrouch

    thanks, king! it was fun and i’ve fallen in love with a big fat pufferfish.
    that ‘not my job’ thing really bugs me lah. bukannya suruh cuci toilet ke apa. do you know some newbies don’t even know how to use the scanner or report-binding machine? mind-boggling.

  3. did you molest the sharks, huh, didcha, didcha?

    “not my job”bies usually don’t get too far.

    and you’ve been tagged! 10 gotta get goals.

  4. Back then in MC when I was young,that Jr. guy would be sent to squash court to meet our batch’s “kaki pukul” and taught a few Do’s and Don’ts and after that he’d be alright…

  5. thegrouch

    dali: no molesting done. takut ok.
    nuaqe: 😀 i always thought spanking was beneficial

  6. thegrouch

    hahahah…eh, pot calling kettle black!

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