shine a little love

I still haven’t written a single word on my income tax form. In fact, the thing is still wrapped in its plastic envelope. I’ve gathered all the relevent papers together but that’s as far as my enthusiasm goes for this particular endeavour. I hate filling in forms and I hate hate hate it especially when they take my hard-earned moolah away from me for pursuits such as jumping and trekking to the North Pole. I really couldn’t care less for such frivolities and from what I read on its official website, a majority of Malaysians aren’t either. I mean c’mon, read the comments and I bet you won’t find very many commentors saying, “It’s for the pride of all Malaysians.” Noooo…. what you’ll find is a lot of words like ‘maruah bangsa’, ‘kaum’ and horror of all horrors, ‘glokal’. Don’t get me wrong. An Arctic or Antarctic trek for scientific purposes is wonderful. It’s been said that the frozen emptiness is one of the last great frontiers, but I just don’t think that’s the point here. 

I’ve been re-reading my diving manual to prepare for the dive this weekend at Aquaria. Our diving club at work is subsidising the dive so at RM30 a pop, I thought what the heck. I’ll be diving with some colleagues who’re *ahem* larger than I am, so hopefully if the shark gets munchy, I won’t be snack numero uno.

Boss#3’s leaving tomorrow for an unknown duration. He needs to meet his predecessor before the lady leaves on a sabbatical. Needless to say it’s been crazy trying to wrap things up and to bring him up to speed on things he doesn’t do here but will have to do there. I’ll greatly miss our drinking sessions where we debate who knows more about who and which one of our friends is more pussy whipped.

Lucas, Ili’s old, toothless cat, is seriously ill. Let’s all pray he gets better soon.


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2 responses to “shine a little love

  1. BTW, I haven’t done my income tax form either…procrastinator
    hard @work

  2. thegrouch

    😀 it sucks.

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