competition smile

The only thing I did splurge on while in Bali were clothes from Biasa. Most of the stuff they sell are cotton – the thin, flimsy type I love. Add to that fact that they have large sizes and reasonable prices and you have a credit card whammy waiting to happen. They had a lot of reversible stuff. A twirly summer dress could be grey with white polka dots or white with grey polka dots depending on your mood. I remember falling love with this dress but it was just too dear. There were very few occasions I’d wear it to anyway so I opted for more typical grouch gear like this shirt. I did go weak on the second visit and bought a reversible skirt. Now I’m thinking where the hell am I gonna wear it to?

My ass is really killing me and I’m not talking about the fleshy part where you sit down. I’ll save that for another day. For some reason my digestive system has fucked up again and shitting hurts like hell. The only way I can describe the pain is by asking you to imagine someone magically inserted chillied+tabascoed+hot-sauced, spiky anal beads inside you and then pulled them out slowly one by excruciating one. Even Proctocedyl suppositories haven’t helped. Maybe it’s time to visit the flamin’ hot Dr. Emma once again.

Went to Second Charms last weekend to get Mom’s birthday prez. I’d spied an antique iron there a couple months back (thanks, Ili) but funds were low then and I decided to wait. Thinking back that was kinda stupid. The iron was in good condition and relatively cheap. It could have easily been snapped up by someone else. Anyway, I was lucky and it was still there rusting away next to another one. I’ll ask The Ret to bring it back when she goes home next week. Ever since I was a kid I remember mom telling me about my granny’s antique iron which our skanky relatives took off with. I hope she likes this one. Mater has a bad record when it comes to gift appreciation. She denies she needs anything and that I’m soft in the head for spending on things for her…. she means well I guess, but it can be rather party-pooperish. Haha. Oh well, if she doesn’t like the iron I’ll just take it back. I’m more than half in love with it already.

Cryptic Sentence of the Day: Peeing in pools is nice.



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4 responses to “competition smile

  1. lil

    what was i thinking swimming in the same pool as u while in bali??!!! horror!! … no wonder my skin itches … it’s probably not from too much sun … arrrghhh …

    lets just call it ‘crop dusting the kiddy pool’. 😀

  3. You kinky,you!!
    Been there to 2nd Charms in Tmn Tun-they got cheap vinyl…..I like

  4. thegrouch

    nuaqe: hahaha…
    see you later. i need to pop down to your floor to pinjam something from my ex-dive buddy.

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